How to boost your sex drive naturally? Some simple tricks to easily get you in the zone

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So what gets you going? Is it a glass of red wine? Some Marvin Gaye and Chardonnay? A bit of dirty talk? Whatever it may be, most likely you’re just scratching the surface of what really triggers your sex drive.. As surprising as it may seem, having a great sex life is more connected to your diet and overall health than it is connected to the latest sex position.

From the time you hit puberty, your hormones are usually ready to do all the heavy lifting to keep that sex drive in full gear. Over time, however, whether through bad dieting, health problems like disease, physical injuries, drug use, stress, or just natural ageing, things can change. What was once arousing loses its spark. It’s not for a lack of interest or even a lack of will, for some people it just happens. Well, here are some solutions for getting your groove back.

The most natural libido booster

Getting a natural boost to your sex drive, otherwise known as your libido, could boil down to a simple case of improving self-image and basic health. One one of the first things you can do is:

Get your fitness game up

Improving muscle tone and physical health through cardio exercise and even some light weight training can work wonders for your self-image. Not only will you feel confident and good about yourself, but your sexual health will likely also improve. In the case of women, Yoga has been identified as a form of exercise that can potentially improve sexual health.1


Consider enjoying a bit more relaxation with your partner. A glass of wine in the evening, maybe some ‘Netflix and Chill’, a walk through town, dinner at Nando’s? Whatever makes you unwind and relieves your stress; do so much more of it.

Quit smoking

If you’re a smoker, kick the habit. Smoking is one of those habits that does nothing but damage to you…

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Be a good sport

Ever heard of the phrase: ‘fake it till you make it’? Well, sometimes that’s just what you’ve got to do. If you’re not in the mood, and your partner is, make him or her happy. It’s likely that in the process you’ll begin to feel that spark again.

Foods to boost your sex drive

The saying: ‘what you put in you get out’, has a great deal of merit as it pertains to sexual health. Eating a balanced diet proves beneficial in fending off a host of illnesses. Putting Marvin Gaye and Chardonnay to the side for a bit, consider these more natural means of getting things back in motion:

Foods guaranteed to increase sexual desire:


Let’s just assume for a second that the shape has nothing to do with it; the natural benefits are plentiful. As one of the top sources of potassium, bananas help reduce the impact of salty foods on the body. Foods high in potassium can diminish blood flow to the nether regions, thus slowing erection and affecting climax.

Pumpkin seeds

Hailed for having large amounts of amino acids, pumpkin seeds have not only been recommended by the NHS for lowering cholesterol, but have also been recommended to help improve one’s mood. And as we know, happy sex is good sex.2

The following is a piece by the BBC with an abundance of information on the benefits of pumpkin seeds.3


Spinach usually comes up as one of those foods that work wonders for the body. No wonder Popeye and Olive had a thing going for so long. Rich in magnesium, spinach increases blood flow overall. And good blood flow throughout the entire body also means good blood flow for to the organ below the belt. It’s recommended for both men and women.


Ginger’s not considered a spice for no reason. As tacky as it may sound: ‘ginger does spice up your life’! According to the International Journal of Cardiology ginger has shown the potential for having substantial anti-inflammatory, anti-platelet effects.4 Although more research is needed, it has proven to improve artery circulation and circulation in general. For sexual activity, this is a positive.


Chocolate has been proven to improve mood and lower stress by increasing both serotonin and dopamine levels. This increases the likelihood of ‘action in the night-time’ if you get the drift.

Get help

There’s a large database of resources dedicated to helping you get through your difficulties and finding answers to your sexual health questions. Supplements are an option that’s worth considering and have proven effective in a host of cases.

There’s also a new field dedicated to sparking your erotic intelligence, whatever that means. Point is, you’re not alone.


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