Aerius comes in a form of a tablet intended to alleviate the symptoms of allergies and allergic rhinitis. It belongs to antihistaminic medicinal products. For many of us, the yearly pollen allergy symptoms are very unpleasant. Aerius is able to alleviate these symptoms effectively, thus providing relief for, for example, itching eyes and runny nose.

What’s on this page?

How does the active ingredient desloratadine work?

The active substance in Aerius is desloratadine which is an antihistamine. When the body suffers an allergic reaction after getting exposed to a stimulus, an excessive amount of histamine is released. Like other antihistamines, desloratadine relieves the effects of this excessive histamine.

Common allergic symptoms include:

  • Runny nose and mucus secretion
  • Itching, red and runny eyes
  • Excessive sneezing
  • Itching of the palate

Allergic rhinitis or hay fever is caused when the body responds allergically to different particles floating in the air. These particles may be from wood or grass, but possibly also from a jacket that causes allergic symptoms. This may be due to the presence of dust particles in the clothing that many people are allergic to.

The general side effect in many allergy medicines is drowsiness. Desloratadine contained in Aerius belongs to non-sedative antihistamines, which means that the drug is not tiring and thus does not interfere, for example, with driving.

Dosage and usage

Aerius is available in 2.5 mg and 5 mg tablets. Usually, adults and children over 12 years of age may take the medicine 5 mg daily. In these cases, take one 5 mg tablet once a day or one 2.5 tablet twice a day with water. Children over 6 years of age may take one 2.5 mg tablet once a day. It is, therefore, a suitable allergy medication for a child.

The allowed duration for the medication depends on what you are allergic to and how bad your symptoms are. Plants that cause hay fever blossom and pollinate at different times of the year, and usually the symptoms disappear after the end of the pollen season. In the case of dust mites, the medicine may need to be taken when needed.

Always follow the instructions on the packet.

Aerius and alcohol

Some might experience a slight decrease in their alcohol tolerance while on this medication. Drinking alcohol is not forbidden, but an excessive consumption is not adviced.

Are there any side effects?

Like with all medicines, Aerius also has a few potential side effects, however, they are very rare.

The most common ones are: 

  • Dry mouth
  • Headache
  • Drowsiness

Read the instructions carefully before using the medicine and contact your doctor if you experience any severe side effects.

Aerius usually does not interact with other medicines. Thus, the effect of some sedatives may increase.

Is Aerius suitable for me?

This medicine is intended for people suffering from allergic rhinitis and other symptoms of pollen and dust mite allergy. It is suitable for the majority of adults and children over the age of 6. However, be careful planning the correct dosage for children.

In rare cases, the use of Aerius is not recommended. It is not suitable, for example, for people who have serious problems with liver function. Nor is it recommended for use in pregnant or lactating women. However, there are also other medications for the allergic rhinitis, such as Avamys, that you can read more of here.

Effectiveness and allergy relief

The response to both allergens and allergy medicines varies individually. Some antihistamines relieve the symptoms very effectively, while others benefit more from other types of medication. For example, a very runny nose and excessive sneezing can better be cured with the Avamys nasal spray.

Naturally, it is also good to avoid allergens to alleviate the symptoms. In the case of pollen, this can be very difficult, if not impossible. The time outdoors should be limited to a minimum and when inside the windows should be closed. Furthermore, it is important to vacuum and undust the house regularly. Especially vacuuming and good ventilation are important.

You can read more about allergies here.