While most health issues can affect anyone, regardless of their gender, the biological differences between men and women ensured that there are some problems which are exclusive to either gender. When it comes to men health, it is important to note that male body doesn’t undergo severe changes as female does in certain periods.

So, it is only expected that there are some exclusively male health problems like erectile dysfunction, hair loss (male pattern baldness), premature ejaculation or enlarged prostate. In this section, we decided to pay attention to these issues and provide our readers with the information on how to efficiently deal with them.

What’s on this page?


Erectile dysfunction, also known simply as impotence is a condition that can significantly reduce the quality of life and cause numerous problems with self-esteem, self-image and anxiety. In this section, we explain the causes of ED, while also providing our details with relevant and up-to-date information on most common ED treatments such as Viagra, Levitra or Cialis.


Hair loss

If there is one problem that is almost synonymous with male health, than it certainly is male pattern baldness, better known as simply hair loss. Hair loss is an unavoidable part of ageing for many men throughout the world, but that does not have to be like that! In the relevant section of our website, you can find valuable info on the topic.


Premature ejaculation

Premature ejaculation is another commonly experienced male problem that is directly related to sexuality. PE can be a very uncomfortable condition to talk about, so we hope our readers will be glad to find that we compiled a lot of useful information on the topic. In addition to that, we also discussed proven treatments that are sure to produce noticeable results.


Enlarged prostate

In the case of benign enlarged prostate, you often have two types of urinary tract disorders: storage symptoms and emptying symptoms. Typical storage symptoms are sudden and severe urge for urination, frequent urination with small volumes, nightly urination and urine leakage.