Lizinna has become a popular contraceptive pill because of its high levels of success in preventing pregnancies. It is a so-called combination pill, which means that it contains two types of hormones: synthetic oestrogen and progesterone. The synthetic progesterone in the pills is a second generation gestagen, which means that it contains a smaller dose of hormones compared to the first generation and is thus less likely to produce side effects.

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However, it is important to note that lowered dose of hormones does not give a lower protection rate. Lizinna has success rates of 99% if it is used correctly and will thus give one of the highest protection against pregnancy available.

How does Lizinna 250 work?

The pills contain the active ingredient ethinylestradiol and norgestimate, which are the synthetic versions of female sex hormones oestrogen and progesterone. The high protection against pregnancy is based on a couple of functions where the hormones affect the body and minimize the risk of becoming pregnant.

Mainly, the hormones in the pill will stop the body from ovulating. This means that there is no egg to be fertilized and a pregnancy is thus not possible.

If an ovulation against all odds would occur, the sperm will have a hard time getting through to the uterus since the cervix will become thicker.

The mucous membrane in the uterus will change so that if after all an egg would be fertilized, it will be harder to stick to the membrane.

In these three ways, the Lizinna contraceptive pills are working to prevent pregnancy. These functions work together to form the high level of protection that birth control pills are known for. With the second generation synthetic progesterone, you get the same high level of protection but with a smaller amount of hormones and will thus experience fewer side effects. This perk is shared by Lizinna with several other medications such as Loestrin.

How do I use Lizinna?

All of the pills in the packet contain the same amount of hormones so there is no difference between the pills at the beginning of the monthly cycle and the ones at the end of it.

To commence a treatment with Lizinna, do:

  • Take the first pill in the packet during the first day of your period
  • Take one pill a day for 21 days. The pills should be taken around the same time of the day. Since some users can experience nausea from the pills, it might be an idea to take them in the evening before you go to bed
  • After 21 days, take a break of seven days. During this period you will experience menstrual bleeding
  • After the seven day break, you can start a new pack of Lizinna and continue with it in the same way, with taking pills for 21 days and another break of seven days

Forgot to take the pill?

If you forgot to take the pill of Lizinna 250, there’s no reason to panic. One of the reasons that this form of contraception has such a high level of protection is the relatively great intervals that can pass between that you take your pills and still have the same level of protection. You take the pill once a day, but up to 12 hours can pass between taking the pills.

If you forgot a dose, take the pill as soon as you remember, even if it means that you take two pills at once.

Has more than 12 hours passed from the time you should have taken the pill, you are no longer protected. If this happens, you should use another form of contraception for the upcoming week, such as a condom. After seven days you are once again protected.

How safe is the contraceptive?

If you take the pills as instructed, this form of contraception gives you a 99% protection. This means that the probability of you getting pregnant is very small. It is not impossible, but it is very rare to conceive.

If you are not using the pills in the correct way or forget to take the pill, the risk of becoming pregnant is higher. At the same time, it is important to remember that hormonal contraceptives will not protect you from sexually transmitted diseases. For this, you will need to you need to use a condom, especially if you change sexual partner or have sex with someone who has not been tested for STIs.

What are Lizinna side effects

Most women can use Lizinna without any problems, but a few people will experience a number of side effects. Most of these reactions will be exacerbated at the beginning of the treatment and will fade with time when the body has gotten used to the treatments.

Some of the most common side effects are:

  • Diarrhoea
  • Nausea
  • Sickness
  • Headache
  • Bleeding from uterus
  • Painful periods
  • Weight gain
  • Constipation and stomach problems
  • Breast tension
  • Depression and mood swings
  • Acne

The birth control will give a heightened risk for more serious side effects such as embolism. This drug is therefore not suitable for women who already are running a greater risk of blood clots. It is very important that you tell your doctor about any medical condition you or your family members have and medicines that you are taking. It is rare to get embolism from contraceptive pills, but it is possible, so your doctor will need to assess whether you belong a risk group or not. Always read the patient information leaflet to see all the documented side effects. It is good to get an overview of possible outcomes, even though severe side effects are rare.

Who can use this treatment?

Most women can use Lizinna as a contraceptive method. Persons that suffer from certain diseases should not undertake this treatment. This accounts for people with a heightened risk of embolism, high blood pressure or a serious case of diabetes. The same is true if you have had breast cancer or uterine cancer.

There is a number of drugs that shouldn’t be taken together with contraceptive pills. This could be because of that its effect will be decreased. You can get information about this from a doctor, so it is important that you tell your GP all possibly relevant information about medications and medical conditions. Only then the medic will be able to evaluate whether this contraceptive pill is good for you or not.

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Contraceptive pills to treat acne

Some women are having great trouble with acne and pimples, which in some cases can be annoying. Since acne comes from hormonal imbalances, hormonal contraceptives can help you to regulate the skin. Some say that their skin gets better with a pill such as Lizinna. Talk to your doctor about whether this is an alternative for you to get better skin.

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Can I buy Lizinna online? What is the price?

The price of this drug depends on where you buy it. If you visit your GP, you will get a prescription and can thereafter buy it online or in a pharmacy. The latter tends to be cheaper.

In an online clinic, you will pay for a consultation and will get your prescription and treatment delivered directly to your door. Using this service, you will not have to book a time with a doctor or visit the pharmacy.