Norinyl-1 is a hormonal birth control pill that is developed and marketed in the UK by Pharmacia pharmaceutical company. With two active ingredients, manmade hormones mestranol and norethisterone which are highly adept at mimicking the activity of naturally occurring sex hormones oestrogen and progesterone, Norinyl-1 will prevent pregnancy by tricking the body into “thinking” that ovulation has already occurred so there is no reason for the reproductive system to prepare itself for potential conception. As a 21-day pill, Norinyl-1 is taken continuously for the first three weeks of the menstrual cycle, with its final weak being completely without pills.

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How reliable is Norinyl-1?

Just like other oral contraceptives from the same class of pharmaceutical compounds, Norinyl-1 is advertised as being 99% effective in preventing pregnancy. As a combined treatment, it is also somewhat more reliable as compared to progesterone-only mini-pills. However, in order to ensure that the levels of protection provided by Norinyl-1 remain as high as they can be, you should also take special care to avoid a number of drugs and remedies which might compromise the effectiveness of the contraceptive pill. Of course, in some cases it won’t be possible to avoid the substances in question, so during those periods you should use barrier contraceptives, as Norinyl-1 won’t be as reliable as usual. These problematic substances include:

  • Epilepsy medications
  • Bosentan
  • Antibiotics
  • HIV medications
  • Aprepitant
  • Fosaprepitant
  • Modafinil
  • Barbiturates
  • St John’s wort
  • Metoclopramide
  • Medical charcoal
  • Colesevalem
  • Ciclosporin
  • Slegiline

For additional information on what to do if you have to take some of these medications, please refer to the official patient information leaflet that is issued within every pack of Norinyl-1.

How does Norinyl-1 prevent pregnancy?

The most commonly prescribed birth control pills available on the UK market are hormonal tablets which contain synthetic versions of naturally-occurring sex hormones oestrogen and progesterone. Norinyl-1 is no different. With mestranol and norethisterone as its active ingredients, it will efficiently mimic the activity of these hormones. But, how exactly does this work?

Progesterone plays a crucial role in the female body when it comes to various biochemical processes that aim to prepare the body for pregnancy. Most importantly, progesterone is the hormone that directs the release of the egg cell from the ovaries – a process called ovulation without which the conception is absolutely impossible. This is where Norinyl-1 comes into play. By mimicking the activity of progesterone through norethisterone, it will change the detected levels of the hormone in the body, tricking it into “thinking” that ovulation already took place, so another egg cell won’t get released that month and the conception will be impossible.

Oestrogen plays an important, although not as central role when it comes to conception. Of course, as the existence and efficiency of progesterone-only mini-pills highlights, synthetic oestrogen is not necessary in birth control pills for them to work. But, combined oral contraceptives such as Norinyl-1 that do contain synthetic oestrogen (mestranol in this case), it can serve as a kind of second-line defence. By increasing the thickness of vaginal fluid, synthetic oestrogen will make it harder for sperm to navigate through the cervix and reach the fallopian tubes. And, by changing the environment by the uterine wall, it will make it significantly more for the egg cell to implant into the womb following conception.

Because of all these protections, combined contraceptive pills such as Norinyl-1 are considered to be even more reliable as compared to their progesterone-only counterparts.

Can I buy Norinyl-1 online in the UK?

Buying contraceptive pills online is perfectly doable in the UK. A number of online clinics operating within the country will offer you to get your birth control pills without ever leaving the comfort of your own home. And even more than that – today you can consult with a doctor and ask for advice about what contraceptive pills are the best for you just by using your computer or smartphone.

But, you should still keep in mind that contraceptives such as Norinyl-1 can be legally obtained only with a valid prescription issued by a certified medical professional. So, prior to buying Norinyl-1 online, you will first have to consult with a doctor. This can be done fairly easily – most online clinics will present you a specialised medical questionnaire that you will be required to fill in. This information will be used by the doctor employed at the online clinic to gain a better understanding of your medical profile and history. With this knowledge, it will be possible to make an informed decision regarding your suitability for taking Norinyl-1. If everything is in order, the prescription will be issued and used that same moment to have the medicine delivered from a partner pharmacy to the address you provided.

How to take Norinyl-1?

Just like with any other contraceptive pill, when taking Norinyl-1 you must pay special attention to consume the medication exactly as instructed by your prescriber and in line with the guidelines presented in the official patient information leaflet. By doing so, you will ensure maximum protection and at the same time minimise the risk of experiencing side effects. Below, we will present you a brief overview of the most general guidelines that should help you get a better understanding of what taking Norinyl-1 might involve. As such, the text that follows cannot be used as a substitute for official information or the doctor’s instructions.

  • Always use exactly as instructed
  • You should take one Norinyl-1 pill daily, each day at the same time
  • Take the pills for the first 21 days of your cycle, followed by one week without any pills
  • After the final 7 days of the 28-days cycle have elapsed, repeat the process – Norinyl is not monophasic medication (like Ovranette, for example) and as such, requires these precisely timed breaks
  • It is advisable to commence treatment on the first day of your period unless you have recently been pregnant or are switching from another pill – in these cases, please consult the leaflet on how to begin taking Norinyl-1
  • Take the tablets whole without chewing or breaking them
  • Never exceed the prescribed dose or make adjustments without doctor’s approval
  • Never attempt to compensate for a missed dose by doubling the next one – if you forget to take a pill, please consult the leaflet on how to proceed

What are Norinyl-1 side effects?

As is the case with most prescription medications, there are two kinds of Norinyl-1 side effects that you should be aware of. The first category involves those side effects which can be rather dangerous and as such, they will require you to halt treatment and seek immediate medical advice. This category includes any signs and symptoms indicative of an allergic reaction, blood clot, breast or cervical cancer.

The other category of side effects involves those adverse reactions which might be uncomfortable, but not really dangerous. More specifically:

  • Upset stomach
  • Headaches
  • General malaise
  • Appetite changes
  • Weight fluctuations
  • Hypertension
  • Depression
  • Swollen or sore breasts
  • Changes in libido
  • Irregular vaginal bleeding

Keep in mind that this is not a full list of all documented side effects. For a more comprehensive overview, please refer to the official patient information leaflet that you can find within your pack of Norinyl-1.