Evra patch is a contraceptive used to prevent unwanted pregnancy. It contains 2 different hormones and is a so-called 3rd generation combination patch. This form of hormonal contraception has a high efficiency and you only need to think about it once a week when it is to be replaced.

Evra releases slow hormones through the skin that affect the body in several ways, so that a pregnancy can be avoided. It is one of the most popular and widely used contraception-patches, and is used by women all over the world. Read more about the contraceptive on this page.

What’s on this page:

How does the patch work?

The patch contains two active ingredients: Ethinylestradiol and Norelgestromin. These are synthetic versions of the female sex hormones estrogen and gestagen.

When a woman is to become pregnant, it requires that the ovulation takes place and that the egg is fertilized with a sperm cell. This contraceptive prevents this process in different ways.

  • Hormones affect the body and prevent ovulation, which means that there is no egg to fertilise
  • The womb of the uterus changes so that an egg can not stick and develop into a fetus.
  • The cervical mucus becomes thicker, so that sperm cells are harder to penetrate.
  • There are therefore 3 different changes in the woman’s anatomy which make it very difficult to get pregnant.

This is therefore a very effective contraceptive and the safety is very high if the contraceptive patch is used properly.

Evra patch safety

As the body is affected in several different ways that makes pregnancy incredibly difficult to achieve, Evra has a safety of over 99% against pregnancy. However, it requires that this product be used properly and that you do not forget to change it on the correct days.

Unlike other hormonal contraceptives, such as birth control pills or mini pills, you only need to keep in mind this once a week when it needs to be changed.

It should be emphasized that this contraceptive does not protect against sexually transmitted diseases, such as chlamydia or gonorrhea. It’s just a condom that protects you from these diseases.

Evra Patch: User’s Guide

  1. Attach the patch to a dry skin area the first day of your period. For example, this may be on the thigh, upper back or upper arm. Do not use the breasts to attach.
  2. Replace the patch after one week and put a new one on the same weekday every week. You repeat this over a period of 3 weeks.
  3. After 3 weeks, take a week’s break where you do not need to use anything. This week you will have your menstrual bleeding.
  4. When a week’s break is over, reset and continue to change it once a week for 3 weeks.
    This is how to proceed with alternate 3 weeks of treatment and 1 week break. You are also be protected during the pause period.

Where can I attach contraceptive patch?

The patch should be placed on an area of the body that has no hair and where the patch can sit relatively protected. This can for example be on the upper back, upper arm or thigh. It is important that you do not attach it to the chest. Always attach the patch to a new skin area than the one you used the last time, to avoid irritation of the skin.

Avoid using cream, powder in the area where you have patch, and keep it dry before applying a new one. It is important that it is completely fixed so that it does not fall off during the week.

It is usually very firm and waterproof so you can shower and swim completely without problems. However, always make sure that it is still on after swimming or other activities, to be completely safe.

What if the patch falls off?

If the patch should loosen from the skin, it is important that you put it back on as soon as possible. If necessary, use a new one if the old does not stick to the skin anymore.

If it has been loosened from the skin for more than a day, remove it completely and start with a completely new treatment with 3 weeks of patch and then a week’s break, no matter how far you were in the cycle when it fell off.

The first week after this you will not be protected from pregnancy, so use extra contraception as a condom.

How fast do the hormones work?

If you start treatment on your first menstrual day, you will be protected from pregnancy immediately. If you start later in your cycle, you must use other contraceptives in the first week.

Evra patch side effects

As with other hormone contraceptives for the prevention of pregnancy, some side effects may occur when taking the treatment.

Many women will experience a little skin irritation where the patch has been attached, so it is important that you apply it to different skin areas.

In addition, the most common side effects are:

  • Nausea
  • Sore breasts
  • Headache
  • Fatigue
  • Weight Gain
  • Mood swings and depression
  • Dizziness
  • Abdominal pain and bloating
  • Changes in menstruation

If you experience severe side effects, consult your doctor.

Who can not use this form of hormonal contraception?

As with the use of birth control pills, there may be an increased risk of blood clotting also with patches. Therefore, it is not a suitable treatment for some groups of women. This applies, for example, if you have previously had a blood clot, have history of blood clots in the family, are over 35 and smoke, are very overweight or may be more prone to blood clots for other reasons.

In addition, there are various diseases such as migraine, hepatic impairment and certain types of cancer where Evra is not suitable for such treatment.

Different medications do not fit with the use of these patches. Therefore, you should always inform your doctor about the medicines you already have and your general health condition. Your doctor will be able to evaluate if you are suitable for use with the medicine or not.

Benefits of Evra patch

There are several benefits to using this contraceptive. Some of them are:

  • High protection against pregnancy
  • You just have to think about it once a week
  • It does not interrupt sexual intercourse, such as the use of condoms do

How do I get contraceptive-patches?

First and foremost, you must be approved by a doctor before starting treatment to ensure that you do not get an increased risk of blood clots. Then you can get the prescribed patch with a prescription at a pharmacy in the UK. You usually get a prescription in half a year or a whole year at a time.

If you wish to renew your prescription, you can do this online at an authorized online pharmacy. Here you will get medical assessment, prescription and treatment in one, so you do not have to spend time going to the doctor and the pharmacy yourself.

Evra price in the UK

The contraceptive may vary with the price, depending on where and how you purchase the item. If you choose to go through a online clinic, the price may vary from around 30£ to 50£, depending on the length of treatment you purchase. Because these medicines are on prescription only, you should always consult with a doctor before you begin your medicine. This can be done through a network clinic where you consult with a qualified physician. By prescription through the web you can also get the product sent to you by mail.