Rogaine is the original brand name for a hair loss product that uses the active ingredient minoxidil. It entered the market in 1988 and is today a leading product in the market for anti-hair loss products.

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What is Rogaine?

Rogaine is available either as a solution or as a foam that is applied directly to the scalp in areas where baldness occurs. The reason for the effectiveness of the active substance minoxidil is unknown, but it is suspected that it is due to the vasodilating effect of the substance. Rogaine is normally bright in colour, but sometimes it may also be yellowish. This does not affect the efficacy of the drug.


Rogaine can be used by men and women over the age of 18 who have problems with baldness. It works especially on the baldness on top of the head and should not be used if the person has baldness only on top of the forehead, the so-called pulling hairline. Rogaine should also not be used if no baldness occurs in the family or the cause of baldness is unknown.

Rogaine may be used only on the scalp when applied directly to the problem area. After use, remember to wash your hands and avoid getting the substance into your lungs or eyes. Rogaine is highly flammable, so it should not be spread while smoking or near any open flames.

The product should be applied every morning and night, i.e. twice a day, directly onto the problem area. The medicine must be used without interruption in order to achieve good results. However, the results from the products containing Minoxidil are not permanent, but the situation returns to normal within a few months after discontinuation. Therefore, the medicine should be used continuously if you want persistent results.

The effectiveness of Rogaine is individual. According to some studies, it stops hair loss for 80 percent of its users and new hair starts to grow with 60 percent of users.

Side effects

Majority of the side effects are skin related issues such as itching and rash on the applied area. Rogaine should not, however, cause any serious side effects.

During the initial use of the product, hair loss can temporarily accelerate. This typically occurs after 2-6 weeks from the beginning of treatment and the situation will be normalized within two weeks. However, if accelerated hair loss persists, you should contact your doctor and stop using it.

Price of Rogaine

Currently, 3 x 60 ml pack of 5% Rogaine for men costs around 80 pounds. Since the solution should be used one millilitre at a time twice a day, the daily rate should be less than a pound per day. The good news is, therefore, that the drug is by no means enormously expensive.