Primolut-N, also known as Norethisterone, is a medicine that gives you control over your own menstrual cycle. If an important event is knocking at the door, you may want to avoid your monthly bleeding. This can be done effectively with this medicine that affects the body in such a way that your menstrual period is postponed. This is done by using a hormone that mimics one of the body’s own hormones: gestagen.1

This medicine can give you control over your own daily life, avoiding being bothered with menstrual pain and discomfort on important days of your life. This can vary between anything from a job interview to a beach vacation where you want to avoid being disturbed by having to use panty liners or tampons and constantly worry about bleeding.

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Norethisterone is the name of the active ingredient in this medicine. The treatment is often sold in its generic version as a postponement of menstruation. However, the active substance Norethisterone is also present in various types of mini-pills that protect against pregnancy.

How does Primolut N work?

Primolut N is a tablet treatment consisting of an artificial version of the female sex hormone gestagen.

By adding this hormone to your body you will be able to postpone your period because the hormone tells the body that it is not the right time in the cycle for your period yet.

The level of gestagen is reduced naturally in your body during your cycle. By reducing the level of gestation, the body will repel the cervical mucus and some blood of the uterine wall that will loosen and thus create menstruation. When the artificial gestagen is applied to the body using Primolut N, the uterine lining will not loosen and therefore no bleeding will occur.

It will thus say that as long as the level of hormone gestagen remains the same as normal, the menstrual period will be delayed.

Who can use this medicine?

All women who wish to delay their menstruation and who do not use other hormonal treatments such as hormonal contraception may use this medicine. Although some girls under the age of 16 use this medicine, one must be 18 years to order this medicine online.

Who should not use this medicine?

Although the use of this medicine is problem-free for the vast majority, there are cases where the use of this medicine is not recommended. Do not use this medicine if you:

  • are allergic to norethisterone or any of the other ingredients in the medicine
  • have had a heart attack or stroke
  • have a risk of blood clots
  • have had liver tumours
  • have hepatic impairment
  • are pregnant
  • have diabetes with damaged blood vessels
  • have had breast cancer or in genital organs

How long does the treatment last?

How long you need to take the tablets depends on how long you will delay your menstrual period. You should usually start treatment 3 days before you expect to get your monthly bleeding.

After this, you should use the pills for the period you want to delay the bleeding and thus avoid getting menstruation. However, you should not postpone the period for more than 14 days. That is, you can use the treatment for a total of 17 consecutive days. You should not do this every month, but you can use this method once in a while.

For example, if you want to have a big party on Saturday and you usually get the menstruation on Friday, you can start the treatment the Tuesday before the party and continue your treatment until the day after the party on Sunday. You can also postpone the period for a full week or two if you are going on a beach holiday and not worry if you can swim or lie on the beach without having to think about using tampons or panty liners.

Side effects

All types of medicines have a certain risk of side effects. It is also not an exception for this medicine. However, very few experience serious side effects and most people have no trouble taking this medicine. But it is always important to be aware of the side effects that may occur when using such pills.

The most common side effects are chest tension, lack of menstrual periods and menstrual disturbances. Depression may also occur in rare cases.

However, most people will not experience any discomfort.

Is this medication safe?

For most people, it will be safe to use this medicine to delay the menstrual period. However, it is best suited for women under 35 who do not have a BMI of over 25. In addition, there are some women who may experience increased side effects of this medicine. These include:

  • If you have had breast cancer or cancer in your uterus
  • If you have had blood clots or have heart problems
  • In case of hepatic impairment
  • If you bleed from the vagina for an unknown cause
  • If you take other forms of hormone contraception, talk to a doctor before using this medicine
  • If you suffer from diabetes, high blood pressure, epilepsy or migraine-like headaches

Many people are nervous about whether it is dangerous not to have the menstrual period at the same time each month. Many studies have been done on this topic, and for example, if it is dangerous to skip your period with birth control pills. Health personnel have not found any danger signals by skipping a menstrual period. It is mostly the women themselves who may feel it is unnatural to delay or skip the menstrual period.

Primolut N vs contraceptive pills

There are several ways to delay your menstrual period. Many women who use hormonal contraception against pregnancy also use these to control their menstrual period. For example, you can skip the period on birth control, which means there is no bleeding. But what are the benefits of using Primolut N instead of just using hormonal contraception as a solution?

  • By postponing your period with Primolut N instead of birth control pills, you avoid taking a daily hormone supplement. This medicine is only taken in special cases where you want to delay your monthly bleeding.
  • This medicinal product contains an artificial version of gestagen but does not contain estrogen, as most contraceptives do. Many women do not tolerate birth control pills due to the increased administration of estrogen, and therefore they can not use birth control pills to delay menstrual periods.
  • When you want to delay your period with Primolut N, you will only disturb the cycle for a short period of time, which will return as normal when you end the treatment. Contraceptive pills are a long-term treatment that you not only start and stop as you wish.
  • In case of postponement of menstruation, you will not prevent pregnancy. On birth control pills, you will avoid getting pregnant as long as you are using the treatment. For some, this is an advantage, while for others it is not. It depends entirely on your situation.

Can I buy Primolut N online in the UK?

Yes, it is possible to purchase this drug online after a quick consultation on chat or a phone consultation. Primolut N is not prescription free and therefore you must always have a prescription from your doctor to start the treatment. Never start such treatment without talking to a doctor, and do not buy this medicine online from pages that do not require a doctor’s consultation. These are unauthorized online pharmacies and can sell fake versions of the drug.

The reason that Primolut N is prescription only is, among other things, because there may be some women who are not suitable for it. Therefore, a doctor should consider whether you are suitable or not for it.

If you are fit for the treatment, you will receive it directly by mail from an approved pharmacy in the UK.


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