Betnovate lotion is a topical corticosteroid treatment that is commonly prescribed for the treatment of various skin conditions, mostly eczema and psoriasis. Developed and manufactured in the UK by GlaxoSmithKline pharmaceutical company, Betnovate lotion is applied two times per day to the area affected by psoriasis. Experiences of countless patients as well as tests and studies conducted by medical experts confirmed that Betnovate is a very reliable medication that can efficiently reduce redness and inflammation characteristic of psoriasis flare up. As it is classified as a corticosteroid, Betnovate can be bought only with a valid prescription issued by a certified medical professional.

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Should I use Betnovate?

Betnovate lotion is highly efficient at bringing the symptoms of psoriasis under control. However, as a corticosteroid, this psoriasis medication should not be used lightly. In fact, most doctors will recommend you try to avoid various triggers which have been known to cause psoriasis flare ups as a primary method of bringing the condition under control. However, if this doesn’t produce the desired results, then the use of prescription medication such as Betnovate might be necessary.

However, as Betnovate is a prescription-only medication, the doctor will have the final saying in whether you should be using this medication.

How Betnovate treats psoriasis?

As of now, the exact causes of psoriasis have not been identified, but autoimmune response is known to play a role. The medical experts on the topic claim that psoriasis occurs when the body’s natural defences misidentify a threat and releases certain chemicals to fight of the perceived infection. However, the immune system will instead begin attacking healthy skin cells, causing new cells to develop at a much higher rate than normal – this eventually leads to characteristic flaking and irritation.

As such, psoriasis is a chronic condition and cannot be really cured, only managed. And this is exactly what Betnovate will aim to do. This medication contains betamethasone in a valerate form as the active ingredient. Once introduced into the organism, it will efficiently inhibit the activity of the naturally-occurring inflammatory chemicals which cause the characteristic irritation and redness.

Can I buy Betnovate online in the UK?

This psoriasis treatment is a very potent corticosteroid and as such, it can be obtained only with a valid prescription issued by a certified medical professional. However, this doesn’t mean that you can’t buy Betnovate online in the UK. Thanks to the advent of online clinics, you can now easily consult with a doctor without leaving the comfort of your home.

This will usually involve filling out a detailed and specialised medical questionnaire. The doctors employed at the online clinic will use the information obtained that way to discuss and determine your suitability for using Betnovate.

If everything checks out, the prescription will be issued and used that same moment to have the medication delivered from the partner pharmacy to the address you provided during the sign up process. Alternatively, the doctor may recommend you some other treatment that might be more suitable for you. For example, if psoriasis affects your scalp, you will most likely be required to use some of the foam treatments that are design specifically for that situation like Bettamousse, for example.

How to use Betnovate?

When using Betnovate, you should always follow the instructions provided by your prescriber to the latter. As was mentioned, this psoriasis treatment is a very potent corticosteroid and as such it should not be used lightly. In addition to this, the guidelines provided in the official patient information leaflet that is issued within every pack of the lotion is something that you should definitely get familiar with prior to commencing treatment.

Below, we will provide you with some of the most central guidelines that you should keep in mind when using Betnovate. However, what follows is just a short summary and as such, it does not include all the relevant notes. The text below can never be used as a substitute for the doctor’s advice or the official information provided in the patient information leaflet.

  • Always use exactly as instructed by your prescriber and in line with the official guidelines
  • You will be required to use Betnovate once or twice per day
  • Wash your hands before and after each application
  • A small amount of gel should be applied directly to the affected area and rubbed in gently
  • Psoriasis in certain areas such as elbows or knees will require additional measures, such as wearing airtight clothing after application of the gel
  • Never exceed the prescribed amount
  • If you accidently skip a dose, simply continue with the treatment as usual
  • Alternatively, you can apply the missed dose when you remember as long as the next dose is not due

What are Betnovate side effects?

As is the case with most prescription medication available on the UK market, Betnovate can cause certain side effects in people who are especially susceptible to them. It is advised to get familiar with them prior to commencing treatment so that you will be prepared to act accordingly and seek medical attention if necessary.

It is also important to be able to differentiate between those side effects which might require you to halt treatment and seek immediate medical attention and those which might be uncomfortable, but not really dangerous. If you notice any signs or symptoms indicative of an allergic reaction, you should immediately cease treatment and contact your doctor or the local emergency service. The same is true for the development of pustules or the worsening of the psoriasis symptoms.

Other common documented side effects include feelings of burning, pain, irritation or itching in the area of application, while the rare side effects, documented in 1 per every 10.000 users of Betnovate, include:

  • Increased risk of infection
  • Itchy, bumpy skin
  • Rash or redness
  • Thinning and dryness of the skin on the site of application
  • Stretch marks
  • Prominence of veins
  • Changes in hair growth and hair loss
  • Skin discolouration
  • Weight fluctuations
  • Rounding of the face
  • Weakening of the bones
  • Cloudy eye lenses
  • Glaucoma
  • Increased blood sugar levels
  • Hypertension

Please note that this is not a full list of all documented side effects. For a more comprehensive overview, please refer to the official patient information leaflet that you can find in your pack of Betnovate lotion.