Hydromol Intensive HC cream is a topical treatment that is commonly prescribed by the UK doctors for the treatment of various skin conditions, most importantly, eczema and psoriasis. Unlike majority of other treatments out there, Hydromol HC contains two active ingredients, one of which is a corticosteroid hydrocortisone, while the other is an emollient, urea. When used in conjunction, these active ingredients will at the same time decrease the intensity of inflammatory processes and reduce dryness of the skin, contributing to relief from psoriasis symptoms and decrease of uncomfortable sensations accompanying it.

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Do I need to use Hydromol HC?

Hydromol HC is prescribed to people struggling with moderate to severe cases of psoriasis, so if this is the case with you, you might be required to use this medication in order to bring your condition under control. The milder cases of this skin condition can usually be successfully managed with certain lifestyle changes.

Psoriasis is a chronic condition and medications such as Hydromol HC cannot truly cure it, just bring the symptoms under control. This is why doctors tend to recommend prescription medications (most commonly based on corticosteroids) only when there is no alternative. However, the research into this condition indicates that certain triggers such as tobacco use, excessive drinking, stress, some medications and infections can cause exacerbations of the condition. So, the primary method for managing psoriasis will include lifestyle changes and attempts to identify the potential causes.

However, if the lifestyle changes fail to accomplish the desired goals, and the condition cannot be explained by identifiable factors, then Hydromol HC or some of the alternatives will be prescribed.

How does Hydromol HC treat psoriasis?

As was mentioned, psoriasis cannot be truly cured, just managed. So, how does Hydromol HC accomplishes this?

This skin condition is marked by the irritation of the skin in the form of redness, itching and skin dryness. Eventually, as the condition progresses, additional symptoms will appear. This is so because psoriasis is caused by an autoimmune response during which the body will detect infection when there is none and will begin attacking healthy skin cells through the release of certain inflammatory chemicals. When this condition is present for prolonged periods of time, that is, when it is not properly treated, it will cause skin cells to be generated at a faster rate than they can be shed, leading to the appearance of the characteristic scaly skin flakes.

Hydromol HC is highly adept at interfering with this destructive chain of biochemical reactions. Thanks to its active ingredient, a corticosteroid called hydrocortisone, Hydromol will inhibit the activity of inflammatory chemicals, thus reducing redness and the irritation in the affected area. This will in turn allow the skin in the affected area to begin healing properly. The healing process will be further sped up by the presence of urea in Hydromol. This emollient will help the skin retain moisture and thus alleviating excess dryness of the skin and the appearance of flakes.

Can I buy Hydromol HC online in the UK?

Due to its high corticosteroid content, Hydromol is not available over-the-counter and can be legally obtained only with a valid prescription issued by a certified medical professional. Luckily, this will be no obstacle if you wish to buy Hydromol online in the UK as numerous online clinics operating in the country offer the opportunity to consult with a doctor online. This will usually involve filling out a detailed and specialised medical questionnaire that the doctor employed at the clinic will use to determine whether you are suitable for using Hydromol HC.

If everything is in order, the prescription will be issued and it will be possible to order Hydromol online – it will be delivered from the online clinic’s partner pharmacy to the address you provided during the sign up process within timespan defined by the online clinic’s business model and policy. However, if the doctor has some reason to believe that this might not be the most suitable solution for you, then an alternative will be recommended. This can be the case if your psoriasis is not so severe to require Hydromol or if it is localised to the scalp, where it should be treated with specialised medications such as Locoid scalp lotion.

How to use Hydromol HC?

Hydromol HC intensive cream is pretty straightforward to use. However, you should still make sure that you are confident about how to use this psoriasis medication prior to commencing treatment. While your doctor will provide you with all the main instructions and tips, you should also carefully read the official patient information leaflet that is issued within every pack of Hydromol. There you will find detailed step-by-step instructions that will help you learn all you need to know about using this cream.

  • Always use exactly as instructed
  • Wash and carefully dry the affected area before applying Hydromol cream
  • Apply a thin layer of the cream to the affected area
  • If you forget to apply the cream, just skip that dose and continue with the treatment as usual

Please note that full guidelines can be found in the official patient information leaflet that is issued within every pack of Hydromol HC intensive cream.

What are Hydromol side effects?

While not everyone using Hydromol will experience side effects, it is still important to learn about what can go wrong prior to commencing treatment so that you can make sure to act accordingly and seek medical assistance if necessary.

The most dangerous possible side effect of Hydromol is, unsurprisingly, the possibility of an allergic reaction, while other documented side effects include:

  • Irritation of cracked or moist skin
  • Secondary skin infections
  • Red marks or lines
  • Inflammation
  • Acne
  • Discolouration
  • Skin thinning

Please note that this is not a complete list of all documented side effects of Hydromol HC. For a more comprehensive overview, please refer to the official patient information leaflet.