Dianette is a contraception pill that, in addition to preventing pregnancy, can also be used against acne and increased hair growth. The pill is therefore particularly suitable for women suffering from hirsutism or severe skin problems like acne. In addition, birth control provides protection against pregnancy of almost 100%, and does not interfere with other forms of contraception.

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How does Dianette work?

The contraception pill contain two active substances: Cyproterone acetate and ethinyl estradiol, which are synthetic versions of the female sex hormones estrogen and gestagen. These affect the body in a way so that it is influenced to believe that an ovulation has already taken place. This means that an ovulation will be prevented, and a pregnancy is therefore impossible.

In addition, the hormones affect the cervix so it becomes thicker, and sperm cells therefore have problems with the penetration and fertilization of any egg.

The womb has also changed, which means that some fertilized eggs can not get caught.

How safe are contraception pills?

As hormones, the body affects three different ways to avoid pregnancy, providing incredibly high protection. If you take the pills as prescribed, the effect is almost 100%. This is the case with most birth control pills, making this type of birth control one of the most popular.

Hormonal contraception, which belongs to Dianette, exclusively protects against pregnancy and not against sexually transmitted diseases such as herpes and HIV. Therefore, to protect yourself from illnesses associated with sex, it is important that you use a condom.

Exclusive use of hormonal contraception is usually only recommended for women in permanent relationships where there is no regular replacement of partners and where both parties in the relationship have tested negative for sexually transmitted diseases.

Dianette against unwanted hair growth

In addition to effective protection against pregnancy, this type of contraceptive is also known for the treatment of unwanted increased hair growth and skin disease acne.

If you as a woman have an increased level of male sex hormone in the body, it may cause increased hair growth, such as in the face or severe cases of acne – ie acne and unclean skin.

Diane Mite(dianette) works against hair growth by counteracting the male sex hormone. In this way unwanted hair growth and serious skin problems can be solved. This is a unique advantage of this type of birth control pill.
Undesirable hair growth may occur for various reasons. Often the hormone disease PCO or PCOS is the root cause. Very many women suffer from this hormone disorder and therefore have to fight with the symptoms such as hair growth in the face and very unclean skin.

Possible side effects

You may have heard that there may be different side effects when using birth control pills?
Although there may be various side effects that are important to take seriously, there are very few who experience problems. Some may experience mild side effects in the beginning before the body is used to the pills. For most, these symptoms will go away again after a while. For others, side effects will be a problem, and another type of contraceptive must therefore be used.

The most common side effects of using this contraception are:

  • Weight change
  • Water retention
  • Breast tension and enlarged breasts
  • Depression and mood swings
  • Migraines and headaches
  • Skin rash and severe skin reaction
  • Reduced sex drive

In very rare cases, there may be more serious side effects with hormonal contraception like Diane Mite. One of the most discussed side effects is increased risk of blood clots. It is rare that it happens, but it is a possible side effect. Therefore, this type of contraception is not suitable for women who are already at increased risk of developing blood clots.

This applies, for example, if you have clear varicose veins, are very overweight, are over 35 years old and smoke or if there is a big tendency for blood clots in your family.

Always read the package leaflet and talk to your doctor to get a good insight into possible side effects. There are also different medications as the prevention of this form of contraception. Therefore, you must always give your doctor all information, health status and other medicines when you need a prescription for contraception.

How should I use the treatment?

In order to achieve the most effective protection against pregnancy, it is important that you take the pills properly. If you do not, the method will not be safe and you therefore risk becoming pregnant.

  1. Take a pill every day for 21 days. Take the pill at about the same time every day. For example, it may be in the evening before going to bed.
  2. After 21 days, take a week’s break. This week you will have a menstrual bleeding. You will still be protected from pregnancy during the break.
  3. After 7 days, start a new package and continue for 21 days with a daily pill and then 7 days break again.

What if I forget the pill?

If you forget to take the pill, take it as soon as possible after remembering. This also applies if you must take 2 pills at the same time.

If it has been more than 12 hours without taking the pill, you are not protected at the same high level for the next 7 days, and you must use other forms of contraception, such as a condom.

If there are less than 7 tablets left in your package, do not continue the normal 7-day break when the package is empty, but instead proceed with a new package.

If you throw up within 3 hours after taking a pill, the method is not safe and you should take another one.

If you’re having trouble remembering the pill every day, you can put an alarm on your phone to remind you. You can also investigate other forms of contraception like patches or rings that require less attention.

Can I buy Dianette pills online?

Pills should always be purchased on prescription by a doctor. It is important to assess whether you are suitable for treatment to avoid serious side effects. You can either go to your own doctor and get a prescription that you can take to the pharmacy.

Bur you can also choose to get a prescription through an authorized online clinic. Here, a doctor is considering whether you are suitable for treatment. If you are, you can print the prescription and get the treatment sent directly to you via mail. This way you avoid the trip to both the doctor and the pharmacy.