Dioralyte is a unique powdered oral solution delivered in sachets and manufactured by Sanofi. It is successfully use in diarrhoea management, more specifically, for replenishing the body’s fluids, salts and glucose – the essential ingredients that are often lacking after an episode of acute diarrhoea. As such, it is not a diarrhoea treatment per se, but it is instead used for managing this condition and mitigating the potential damage that it can cause to the organism. Its mechanism of action is closely tied to stimulating the absorption of these vital elements during the digestion process which is compromised when one is affected by diarrhoea.

What’s on this page?

As such, this drinkable solution successfully combats dehydration usually caused by diarrhoea. In addition, it also contains glucose so it can promote rapid absorption of different elements that body needs in order to function properly.

How diarrhoea leads to dehydration?

Acute episodes of diarrhoea are very common – almost everybody will experience them at least once in their life. With an array of uncomfortable symptoms such as loose and frequent stools, diarrhoea is rarely dangerous in itself, but it is still a very unpleasant condition that can lead to further complications.

For most of those affected, diarrhoea will simply pass on its own in a matter of days, without having any significant impact on the general health and wellbeing. On the other hand, certain individuals can experience severe episodes or the condition will show no signs of diminishing as the time go by, so the risk of other complications will be rather high. Danger of dehydration is the biggest risk when it comes to diarrhoea and even in short-term episodes, it is still vital for the body to replenish the fluids and essential minerals which are commonly lost during diarrhoea episodes.

The body needs this compound in order to function properly. When they are lacking, a number of tell-tale signs will manifest – one may feel sluggish, constantly thirsty, have strong-smelling or darker-coloured urine. In case of a prolonged dehydration, the symptoms can become even more severe and potentially fatal – from seizures, to brain damage and even lethal outcome.

What causes diarrhoea?

Diarrhoea occurs when microorganisms manage to upset the mucous membrane in either the small or large intestine, resulting in abnormally high amount of water being present in the faeces. In addition, irritated gastrointestinal tract will become overactive, leading to increased frequency of defecation.

Avoiding food is a normal instinctive response to this issue, but as the time goes by, it’s vital that you try and eat something solid as soon as stomach issues allow for it. The dehydration process can also easily be stopped and even reversed by frequently drinking small sips of water.

How does Dioralyte help with diarrhoea?

Dioralyte is an oral rehydration solution and as such, it is able to help minimize the negative effects of losing too much fluid and essential electrolytes. While it doesn’t have active ingredients in the way conventional diarrhoea medicines do, it contains glucose, sodium chloride, potassium chloride and disodium hydrogen citrate which are all necessary compounds for optimal bodily function. At the same time, glucose content will help speed up the absorption of salts and fluids and, in doing that, speed up your recovery process.

How to use Dioralyte?

Dioralyte is very easy to use and while there are some general instructions that your doctor might give you, the use of this rehydration solution is rather simple and straight-forward.

  • Dissolve the contents of one Dioralyte sachet in fresh drinking water
  • Do not prepare the product in advance, but only when needed
  • Stir the contents of a sachet in 200ml (7 fl oz) of water until they dissolve
  • The solution will become clear once the contents are properly dissolved
  • Do not exceed the limit of 200ml as this can make product less effective
  • For adults, the recommended dose is one to two sachets after each loose stool

What are Dioralyte side effects?

Side effects of Dioralyte are very rare and usually mostly mild. The two reported possible side effects include reaction to glucose – as this product relies on glucose to increase absorption of fluids and nutrients, it won’t be suitable for people who are gluctose-intolerant, and allergic reaction. Allergic reactions to some of Dioralyte’s constituent elements are very, very rare, but they can occur. Usually, it manifests through symptoms such as skin rash, breathing and swallowing difficulties or swelling of the lips, face and tongue.

Dioralyte contraindications

There are some people who might not be suitable for using this product. Glucose-intolerance is one of the most common contraindications that we already mentioned and some others include:

  • Diabetes
  • Kidney disease
  • Liver disease
  • Low potassium diet
  • Low sodium diet