Scheriproct is a combined haemorrhoid treatment designed to provide quick and effective relief from uncomfortable piles symptoms. Based on two active ingredients, prednisolone and cinchocaine, this medication has extremely high success rates in relieving pain and quickly decreasing irritation in the affected area. Developed and marketed by Bayer pharmaceutical company, Scheriproct is available in two forms – ointment and suppositories, with the former one being somewhat more common.

What’s on this page?

The choice of one of these forms will have a significant impact on the way you should be using Scheriproct in the treatment of haemorrhoids. For ointment, the commonly prescribed dose is two applications per day, while suppositories should be used once daily. However, as opposed to a number of other haemorrhoid treatments, Scheriproct can be used in somewhat increased dose during the early stages of the treatment in order to help you get the symptoms under control. However, this increased dose can and should be determined only by your doctor.

Should I seek medical help?

Haemorrhoids, more commonly known as piles, refer to the medical condition caused by the varicose veins inside or around the anus. At the root of this condition is elevated blood pressure in the affected blood vessels which is responsible for the inflammatory processes resulting in characteristic irritation, discomfort and pain when sitting or defecating. In addition to this, haemorrhoids are easily identified by the appearance of small amounts of blood following bowel movements.

Despite discomfort that can be even extreme in some cases, piles can, in a majority of cases, simply subside without any treatment or medical intervention and prescription medication is not always necessary. However, in those cases where the symptoms don’t seem to diminish in intensity for prolonged periods of time or if the bleedings have become more intensive, medical attention might be necessary. Moderate cases of haemorrhoids can be effectively managed by prescription medication, while those especially severe will actually require surgical intervention.

Haemorrhoid treatment with Scheriproct

As mentioned, Scheriproct is a combined haemorrhoid treatment, meaning it contains two distinct active ingredients that work to alleviate the symptoms in different ways. More specifically, prednisolone, classified as a steroid, will inhibit the chemical processes in the body leading to inflammation, thus successfully mitigating the objective symptoms of piles. At the same time, cinchocaine, classified as an anaesthetic will act by providing relief from pain and discomfort subjectively experienced.

Can I buy Scheriproct online in the UK?

Yes, it is possible to buy Scheriproct online, which is great news for all those who find talking to a doctor or pharmacist about their haemorrhoid problem rather awkward and uncomfortable. However, regardless of whether you are looking to buy Scheriproct online or in person, in the UK, this medication can be obtained only with a valid prescription issued by a certified medical professional. This is true for most piles treatments of the same type like for example Ultraproct.

Getting your treatment and an expert’s advice online has never been easier. There is a number of online clinics operating within the United Kingdom that offer the services of consulting with a certified medical professional who is eligible to issue a prescription. Once you send a request for buying Scheriproct, the doctor will ask you to fill in a customised medical questionnaire that should help him get an in-depth understanding of your medical profile and history.

If everything is in order, the prescription will be issued and the medicine will be sent from a partner pharmacy to the address you provided.

How to use Scheriproct?

When using Scheriproct, it is very important to precisely follow the instructions provided by your prescriber. By doing so, you will not only maximise the chances of success, but will at the same time minimise the risk of experiencing side effects commonly associated with this treatment.

Below, we will provide you with a summary of guidelines for use of Scheriproct. However, before that, it is important to note two facts. First, the text that follows is just a summary and as such, it can never be used as a substitute for a doctor’s advice or the detailed guide that you can find in the official patient information leaflet. Second, the exact instructions will vary depending on whether you are using ointment or suppository version.

However, some of the guidelines will be the same for both forms:

  • Never exceed the prescribed dose
  • Never compensate for a missed dose by double administration; if you forget a dose, just skip it and continue with the course as usual
  • Don’t take Scheriproct for more than 7 consecutive days
  • If the symptoms don’t subside after 7 days, contact your doctor and ask for advice
  • Always use exactly as prescribed

How to use Scheriproct ointment?

  • The usually prescribed dose is twice per day, provided your doctor doesn’t recommend a different approach during the first day, in order to speed up the healing process
  • Wash and dry the site of application before use
  • One dose includes a pea-sized amount of the ointment
  • Distribute the ointment over the affected region around and just inside the anus
  • Do not rub the ointment in
  • For internal application, use the nozzle supplied
  • When inserting the nozzle, do so carefully and make sure that the whole length of the nozzle is inside your anus before applying
  • Squeeze the tube lightly while drawing the nozzle out slowly
  • Thoroughly wash and rinse the nozzle after use

How to use Scheriproct suppositories?

  • The usual dose is one suppository per day, with additional application after defecation
  • The doctor may advise you to take a bigger dose during the first day of the treatment in order to facilitate quicker healing
  • Gently insert the suppository into the anus
  • This will be easier if you are standing with one leg raised on a chair or while squatting down
  • If you have any issues with using suppositories, contact your doctor or pharmacist

What are Scheriproct side effects?

Scheriproct is a remarkably safe medication when it comes to risk of side effects as they have been documented only in a minority of those who used this treatment. However, as is the case with all prescription medications, an allergic reaction to any of the active ingredients can occur, as well as issues related to thinning of the skin or other localised skin reactions. If you notice any of these, be sure to contact your doctor immediately and ask for advice.

Scheriproct contraindications

Scheriproct is not likely to adversely interact with any other medications you might be taking at the same time, but you should still disclose all the relevant information to your doctor so he can make an informed assessment. In addition to this, Scheriproct is not recommended to those patients who have an active bacterial, fungal or viral infection.

Finally, Scheriproct can pose certain risks for women who are pregnant while using it, so if you become pregnant during the course of the treatment, be sure to consult with your doctor about whether you should halt treatment or is it safe for you and your baby to complete it.