The Secrets behind the Rio 2016 Summer Olympic Village

During the Rio de Janeiro 2016 Summer Olympic Games more than 11,000 athletes are competing. As every year all of the athletes stay at the famous Olympic Village. Named as the largest Olympic Village in history it is completed with shops, bars, restaurant and includes a world-famous Olympic McDonald’s fast food restaurant.

How does the Olympic Village look like?

The Village offers gifts, Brazilian Juices, twenty four hour entertainment The Olympic Village is set up to hold and accommodate all the Olympic Athletes during the Rio 2016 Summer Olympic Games. The pictures below demonstrate how the Village is designed and constructed.

Every apartment has around three to four bedrooms which include two beds and convenient storage area where the athletes will be able to keep their belongings.


Another bird’s eye view of the Olympic Village, here you can see the swimming pools, that will allow the athletes to practise or to leisurely enjoy the Brazilian weather during their time off.

Even with its’ beautiful exterior, the Village itself has received a lot of criticism due to unfinished construction and unsanitary living conditions for the professional athletes during their time at the games.

Just imagining the nervosity in the accommodation in the building the first few weeks of the Olympic Games is unrealistic.

The neighbourhood Barra de Tijuca is the chosen area in which the Olympic Village has been constructed for the international elite athletes, with a large range and variety of religion, language and culture.

The sex rumours of the Olympic Village

Every year we find out more rumours about what really happens in the Olympic Village. In the London 2012, Olympic Games Usain Bolt (the world’s fastest man) was rumoured to have swooned the Swedish Volleyball Team. It has been said that during the competition the social scene is very relaxed at the Olympic Village.

What happened at the Sochi 2014 Winter Olympic Games?

Rumour has it that what happens in Sochi doesn’t always stay there. There has been criticism on the quality of the condoms distributed during the Sochi 2014 Winter Olympic Games. An Olympic spokesperson stated that the antibiotic donations were welcome to heal the athletes that were affected by sexually transmitted diseases during the Winter Olympic Games in 2014.

What are our thoughts on the Olympic Village at the Rio 2016 Summer Olympics?

Once the athletes are done with their specific time, the pressure is off and the athletes are relaxed and ready to enjoy each other as well as what Rio de Janeiro has to offer.

The combination of fit young men and women and shops, bars and social gatherings lead to the Olympic Village becoming the ultimate playground for sexual activities amongst the athletes.

Therefore it is important that the athletes take their health into serious consideration and do not spread undesired sexual transmitted diseases such as chlamydia and gonorrhoea.

It is reported that the Rio 2016 Olympic organizers distribute a record-breaking 42 condoms to every single athlete during their stay in the Olympic Village.

What are the plans for the Olympic Village after the 2016 Summer Games?

The previous London 2012 Summer Olympic Village buildings were later used as a residential district named East Village. As there is a lot of money that goes into the construction of the Olympic Village it is important that it does not go to waste, the same goes to the arenas. There is, therefore, a lot of pressure from other countries, governments and media to use the facilities in the best possible way after the games have come to an end.

As the construction of the Olympic Village was extremely expensive many wonders if the buildings will be put to good use after the Rio 2016 Summer Olympic Games. It has been reported that after the Olympics the village will transform into an exclusive neighbourhood named “Ilha Pura” with apartments selling at a minimum of 700 000 US Dollars each.