Can you become impotent from getting hit in the testicles?

OUCH! Having a football ending up in your private parts is one of the most painful things that can happen to men. They usually start cringing even if they just see a player being hit in the testicles. Testicular contusions can be common side effects of being an athlete. Football players have a high risk of experiencing this kind of injury at least once in their career. Because of its painful nature, many men fear being hit in the balls can result in permanent impotence.

For men testicles are a very delicate and treasured part of their body. They are also one of the most sensitive – thus the excruciating pain when taking a hit there. And the scrotum is located in a rather unprotected and exposed place too. This actually makes sense because in order to produce sperm the testicles need a certain temperature which is a couple degrees below the normal body temperature. The male hormone testosterone is also produced in the scrotum.

Being hit in the scrotum can often cause a contusion of the testicles. The area is tender and professional players can kick a ball with as much as 130 km/h. This can cause quite a momentum when colliding into somebody’s body parts. one indication for a contusion of the testicle is intense bruising in the area that’s been hit. The swelling of at least one testicle is also common. Another symptom of a contusion is severe pain. While testicular contusions can be really aggravating they usually are not causing permanent impotence. If treated quickly they generally heal very well even though it might take a while until all symptoms have completely vanished. The pace of the healing process depends on the amount of bruising on the scrotum. If treated correctly there will be no long-term consequences for the male health.

Nevertheless a testicular contusion can turn in an actual threat for your potence if it is not treated right away. The professional rugby player Paul Wood made headlines in 2012 when he was brutally hit in the scrotum during a match and still played until the very end of the game. By that time his testicles had been swollen to the size of a tennis ball each and the left testicle had been cut off the blood circulation entirely. It was amputated in the hospital later after the doctors failed to restore the circulation. One testicle short Mr Wood is still not impotent. The other testicle is still producing sperm and testosterone. He better watches out for that one.

Being hit in the private parts causes a contusion in the scrotum most of the times. Despite being painful they cause no serious after effects for the male potency. There also is a very slim chance of developing a penile fracture. A penile fracture is the rupture of penis tissue, sometimes even of arteries, veins or nerves. It can lead to permanent erectile dysfunction.

To be clear: in most of the cases a penile fracture is caused by vaginal intercourse when the penis is erected and the woman sits on top of the man. There are also cases of self-induced penile fractures resulting from aggressive masturbation. If not treated or treated in the wrong way about 10 to 50 percent of the people concerned will experience impotence in the aftermaths.

Injuries of the penis can cause lots of embarrassment for men. Most of them are highly unlikely to admit that their medical condition derives from sexual intercourse or masturbation. Instead they use sport as an excuse. Being hit in the private parts by a ball can be a popular explanation. So if somebody tells you they became impotent after that they are pretty sure lying to you. A penile fracture usually only occurs when the penis is erected. So unless playing football sexually arouses you it is nearly impossible to fracture your penis.

When a football ends up in a man’s genitals he will possibly cry out loud because it is very painful. If bruising and swelling is involved it is advised to see a doctor and get treatment for a contusion. Chances men will end up impotent after being hit in the balls are somewhere around 0 percent. Or to say it in an other way: You will rather end up impotent because you are on the bottom while having sex than while playing football.

Pretty sure there are some players in the Rio 2016 Olympics who are or have been suffering from impotence. Getting hit in the private parts by a football is not the cause of their erectile dysfunction. Statistically a man has to be very, very unlucky to become impotent because of an incident like this. So if it should happen to you: Congratulations, you are one of a kind.