“I was a heavy smoker for over 30 years. My partner and I used Champix and have not had a smoke for over 5 months. To be honest… Champix made it easy. Sure we still had the odd craving, but Champix made it possible to get this far.”

Champix is a highly successful quit smoking medicine based on the active ingredient varenicline which directly interferes with the brain chemistry responsible for nicotine addiction and for the pleasurable effects smokers get from tobacco products. This unique mechanism of action lies at the core of high effectiveness of Champix, but is also responsible for numerous possible side effects. So, the question for many is – what do the patients say? Are there numerous success stories about Champix or complaints about its side effects? What are the experiences of people who went through the 12-week Champix treatment? And finally, what are the pros and cons of this quit-smoking medicine?

What’s on this page?

“NEVER thought I could quit. I felt desperate. I took only one pill a day and set my quit date as day 11 and now I’m 1 month and 18 days smoke-free! The pill takes away the “I NEED A CIG RIGHT NOW” feeling. Completely worth it! I will recommend anyone to talk to their doctor about it. CRAZY dreams, deal with it, ride it out.”

Common pros in Champix reviews

“If you are on the fence about taking Champix don’t be. This flat out works! I was a 1 pack a day smoker sometimes 2 packs a day for 30 years +/-. Even if you’re on it, and don’t think it’s working, keep taking it, why not. I smoked while on it until one day when I was lighting up and just couldn’t. I went the rest of the day without smoking. I then crushed what cigs I had left and was done.”

Similarly to the results of clinical trials and doctors’ recommendations, Champix is mostly positively rated by the ex-smokers who used it to get rid of their bad habit. With an average score of 8.9/10 in online surveys, this smoking cessation aid is mostly viewed as highly effective and reliable. Patients’ reviews mostly focus on diminished cravings and reduced withdrawal effects, but also on the fact that usage of Champix made the sensation of smoking less pleasurable. For a significant percentage of the patients, Champix was so effective that they even reported that the smell and taste of cigarette became very repulsive, making the quitting process much easier. Relatively fast progress reported by most of the patients and the confirmation high success rates dominate throughout a vast majority of Champix reviews.

“Champix worked like a damn!! I was three packs a day. Moderate COPD! Tried many, many times to quit; tried gum – made me sick; tried patches – kept me awake and made me nauseous. It took three packages but Champix finally worked!”

Common cons in Champix reviews

“Got a few mood swings and weird dreams, I hate the smell of cigarettes. I am on week three so far so good”

While there is a relative consensus on the effectiveness and reliability of Champix treatment, there is a noticeable number of reviews that highlight side effects of this medicine. Similarly to the results of test studies and clinical trials which showed that some of the common side effects manifest in up to 30% of the patients, a number of reviews are focused on nausea and uncomfortable sensation in the stomach. While for most of the patients these unwanted effects are unpleasant, yet tolerable, it is possible to point to a number of reviews which indicate that nausea can get rather severe. Aside from these rather common side effects, Champix reviews also mention the rarer ones which include the impact of the drug on mood, behaviour and sleep. While a number of Champix reviews mentions vivid and strange dreams, sometimes even nightmares which manifest as a result of the treatment, there is also a fraction of patients who report depression, anger and negative thoughts – which all are known, albeit rare side effects of the drug.

“This medication works but not for everyone. I took this medication and had been smoke-free for 9 weeks. I stopped taking it because I was no longer myself. I had terrible nightmares and my mental state was altered and still is. I do not recommend this medication if you have any mental health issues like depression or anxiety.”


While Champix is a thoroughly studied and clinically tested quit-smoking medicament, reviews still provide an important and detailed insight into the real experiences with Champix, highlighting the most prominent subjectively experienced properties of the drug. Closely aligned with clinical trials and experts’ opinions, Champix reviews underscore the quickly noticeable effects of the treatments, its high success rates and overall effectiveness as a smoking cessation aid. At the same time, patients’ reviews draw attention to different side effects which may manifest during the treatment. Most reviews focused on side effects mention varying degrees of nausea, but also strange and vivid dreams. While these symptoms are temporary and tolerable for most of the patients, some reviews imply that they can cause a significant impact on the daily life, mostly through more severe cases of nausea, but also through insomnia which can often manifest as a natural reaction to vivid nightmares experienced by some of the users. Finally, a very small amount of reviews mention what is perhaps the most severe side effect of Champix treatment – its impact on mood and behaviour.

Overall, Champix reviews are very much aligned with what is known from the previous studies and clinical tests, but provide a uniquely subjective perspective on the success stories with Champix, but also on coping with side effects which might manifest themselves in a number of patients. With this in mind, it is extremely important to get familiar with others’ experiences with this drug, but also gather additional information about its mechanism of action, recommended mode of treatment and both common and rare side effects. Since Champix is a prescription drug, before you start your treatment, you will have to visit your doctor, so it’s extremely important to use that opportunity to get a professional insight into what you can expect from the treatment. Be sure to mention any other drugs you might be taking, but also other existing conditions (like mental illnesses) in order to prevent drug interactions or worsening of the symptoms of other conditions. And keep in mind that while users’ reviews might be valuable when it comes to preparing for Champix treatment, in order to minimize the possibility of side effects and maximize the possibility of quitting smoking for good, be sure to thoroughly read through the official Champix guidelines and get familiar with precautions, recommended doses, general treatment course, possible side effects and drug interactions.