The unpleasant symptoms of travel sickness (aeroplane, ship, car or bus) can be prevented by a drug called Phenergan. Its active ingredient is called Promethazine. It is an antihistamine that helps to prevent the effects of histamine in the body, helping you to avoid many unpleasant symptoms associated with travelling. It must be taken as a preventative measure to get the best possible effect to make the trip to the destination as easy going as possible.

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How does Phenergan work?

The active ingredient in this medicine is Promethazine. The focus of the treatment is the class of sedative antihistamines (calming antihistamine), after taking the pill it therefore prevents histamine from affecting. It can reduce the irritating symptoms associated with movement disorders such as nausea and dizziness. In order to fully understand how this drug works, we must first look at what the antihistamines are and how they work in the body.

How do antihistamines work in motion?

Histamines are natural substances in the body, usually found from the immune system. When the body experiences imbalance it releases histamine that binds to different receptors. This can then cause disturbing symptoms. For someone who is allergic to histamines, they can cause itching around the eyes and a runny nose, while others may have symptoms of motion sickness such as, nausea, vomiting and dizziness. Imbalance occurs when the eye sees a different movement than what the inner ear feels.

Antihistamines inhibit histamines from binding to certain receptors, so there is no “space” for histamines. When histamines cannot bind to these receptors, the symptoms of motion sickness are prevented.

The effect is best when the antihistamines are taken before the symptoms develop. In this way, histamines cannot bind in certain areas. However, it may also be helpful if the drug is taken after the onset of symptoms because the antihistamines are so powerful that they can push the histamine away from the receptors.

Sedative or soothing effect

Phenergan belongs to the category of sedative antihistamines, so it is not suitable to be used if you plan to drive a car. It can only be used if you are a passenger in a car or a ship, plane, train or bus. However, it should be noted that everyone feels the effects of Phenergan differently, so some might still be close to their normal state while others might feel very sleepy.

Phenergan 25 mg: How should I use it?

This medicine is available in various forms, both in tablets and as an oral solution. The oral solution is typically used by children – however, only according to the doctor’s instructions. The tablets for adults contain 25 mg of the active substance and are taken with a glass water.

For the best effect, it is best to take the tablet before the start of the movement, i.e. about 30 to 60 minutes before the expected start. The effects of the medicine last around 5 to 14 hours in the blood stream and therefore it lasts during the whole trip for most people.

Remember that you may become very drowsy and your muscles may become tired after taking the medicine. However, the effect may differ between people and after you have used it a couple of times. After use, you can quickly understand how much the medicine affects you.

Alcohol can weaken the effects of the drug and therefore it is not recommended to drink alcohol and use the medicine simultaneously.

Are there any side effects?

All medicines can cause side effects to some extent. This is, among other things, the reason why most medicines can only be purchased with a prescription from a doctor. This also applies to Phenergan, although most do not experience any side effects. The most common side effects are a dry mouth and feeling fatigue, as mentioned earlier. Some have side effects such as dizziness, lack of urination, blurred vision and confusion. Rare side effects include anemia and allergic reactions. If you notice any serious side effects, contact your doctor immediately.

Is Phenergan suitable for me?

Most people who suffer from motion sickness while travelling either on the sea or in the air can take advantage of this medicine. However, care should be taken with regard to the simultaneous use of other medicines or other conditions you might be experiencing. This applies to situations in which you have sleep apnea, impaired hepatic or renal function or glaucoma. In addition, it may also affect with many antidepressants and sedatives.

Is there other natural options for Phenergan?

In addition to preventative medicines, there are other measures you can take to reduce discomfort during the movement:

  • make sure you get enough rest before your trip
  • drink a lot of water
  • if possible, get fresh air – stop the car and have breaks while driving, spend time up on the deck while on a ship or try to go out from the airport
  • be sure to look out from the window and avoid reading

Can I buy Phenergan online?

Phenergan is a prescription medication. You can visit your doctor and get a prescription that you can then use in a pharmacy when buying the medicine. Another possibility is to purchase the drug through an approved online clinic where your doctor will digitally assess whether the medicine is suitable for you or not. If the drug is right for you, you get a digital prescription and the medication can be sent to your home. This process saves you a lot of time, as you do not have to book a time from the doctor or go to the clinic physically.