Scopoderm TTS is a unique type of motion sickness medication that was developed and is marketed by Novartis pharmaceutical company. Unlike the majority of the alternatives, Scopoderm is a travel sickness treatment that is available in the form of a simple patch that administers the active ingredient through the skin over certain period of time which can be as long as three days.

As such, this easy-to-apply patch will provide effective relief for up to three days, and even longer if needed – although you would have to replace the patch at that point. This treatment that is ideal for people who don’t like tablets is usually applied behind the ear.

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Travel sickness: A general overview

Travel sickness, also known as motion sickness, is a relatively common condition that will affect almost everybody at least once. The characteristic signs and symptoms include nausea, dizziness and vomiting. The root cause of travel sickness is discrepancy between information provided by the eyes and information provided by the balance centres. In other words, when sensory information from different senses doesn’t match, it will create a sense of disorientation and activate the vomiting centre of the brain. Most common situation that leads to motion sickness is perception of stationary surroundings by the eyes in parallel with perception of movement by the balance centres in the inner ear (or vice versa). The conflicting signals will cause the characteristic symptoms to manifest.

The part of the inner ear responsible for measuring and maintaining balance is called the vestibular system and this is the initial point from which the signals relating spatial awareness and balance are sent to the part of the brain called posterma, or among the laymen, the vomiting centre. While signals from different sensory receptors are aligned, posterma will remain inactive. However, once signals become conflicting, the result will be signal to the body to vomit.

Scopoderm TTS as travel sickness treatment

With these facts in mind, it is no surprise that travel sickness (or motion sickness) is treated by interrupting the neural communication process that leads to the characteristic reaction. Scopodem patches contain hyoscine hydrobromide as an active ingredient, a pharmaceutical compound that is adept at inhibiting the function of muscarinic receptors in the brain which play a crucial role in interpretation of confusing signals. Without this process, the severity of motion sickness symptoms will be significantly reduced.

Can I buy Scopoderm patches online?

Yes, it is possible to buy Scopoderm online – in fact, you can do this very easily by simply contacting an online clinic of your choice. There, a certified medical professional will assess your suitability for the use of this medicine through a live chat app or a customized questionnaire. If everything is alright, a prescription will be issued and used the same moment to order Scopoderm and have it delivered to your home address within a timespan specified in the clinic’s business policy.

How is Scopoderm patch used?

In order to ensure the best possible results with Scopoderm, it is important that you fully understand the instructions provided to you by your doctor or pharmacist. In addition to this, you should also try to get familiar with the information provided in the official patient information leaflet. Doing so will ensure the optimal results while also minimising the chance of experiencing side effects.

Here we will not go in-depth with the guidelines, but will present just the most general ones so you can get a general idea of how treatment with Scopoderm TTS looks like.

  • Use as prescribed
  • One patch should be applied five or six hours prior to commencing your journey
  • Alternatively, patch can be applied prior to going to sleep the night before
  • Place the patch to skin area behind the ear
  • Make sure that the application place is clean, dry and free of cuts or blemishes
  • Wash your hands after use as the active ingredient can cause short-term sight problems if it comes into contact with the eyes
  • When your journey is complete, remove the patch
  • The patch will remain functional for up to three days
  • Patch can be worn while swimming or showering
  • If your journey is longer than three days, apply a new patch after removing the first one
  • Never use more than one patch at a time

Are there any documented Scopoderm side effects?

As is the case with all prescription medicines, Scopoderm too comes with an array of possible side effects. While they will, of course, not manifest in everybody, it is still prudent to get familiar with them prior to using this treatment, so you can recognize them if they do appear.

Frequency of occurrence

Side effect(s)

Very common (1 in 10 users or more)

Dry mouth

Common (1 in 10 users or less)

Irritation of the eyelids, drowsiness, headache, feeling of being sick, loss of balance, skin irritation

Uncommon (1 in 100 users or less)

Impairment of memory or concentration, feeling restless, dizziness, disorientation, confusion, glaucoma, urinary problems, skin rash, pupil dilation, hallucinations

For a more comprehensive list of side effects, please refer to the patient information leaflet provided in the Scopoderm pack.

Can I take Scopoderm with other medications?

This might not always be recommended. Be sure to inform your prescriber about any additional drugs, supplements or remedies that you might be taking. Those which are known to lead to adverse interaction include, but are not limited to:

  • Drugs that act on the central nervous system
  • Recreational drugs and alcohol
  • Treatments that block nerve impulses
  • Other travel sickness medications

Is Scopoderm safe for me?

Scopoderm is a rather safe treatment, but there are still some instances when its use might be contraindicated. More specifically, you shouldn’t use this motion sickness medicine if you have or had:

  • Glaucoma
  • Pyloric stenosis
  • Bladder obstruction
  • Blockage of the intestines
  • Heart problems
  • Irregular or fast heartbeat
  • Liver or kidney problems
  • Epilepsy

Keep in mind that there are situations when Scopoderm can be used despite the presence or history of some of these conditions. In that scenario, your doctor will inform you about additional precautions you should take to make Scopoderm treatment safe and efficient.

It is also important to note that pregnant women and women who are currently breastfeeding should use Scopoderm only when absolutely necessary.

Likewise, as side effects of this medicine are known to sometimes impair vision and concentration, it is better to avoid driving or operating machinery.

Finally and as has been mentioned, alcohol should be avoided both when using Scopoderm and for additional 24 hours after the patch has been removed.