For many, weight loss pills are the method of choice when it comes to obesity management. And while there is still a significant amount of controversy surrounding the questions of effectiveness and safety of this approach, Xenical tablets stand out among the others with the clinically proven effectiveness and unique mechanism of action that ensures its unprecedented safety.

What’s on this page?

Recommended by doctors for patients with body mass index greater than 30, Xenical pills helped countless to lose weight when exercises and diets alone didn’t produce the desired results. Due to all these factors, Xenical is now available over-the-counter in Europe and can even be purchased online in its less concentrated form (Alli pills) with only 60mg of Orlistat instead of the prescription-only 120mg.

But, before joining thousands of people who successfully lost weight thanks to this medicine, you should get familiar with its characteristics, mechanism of action as well as known side effects and other considerations.

What should I know about Xenical (Orlistat 120mg)?

Xenical is usually classified as a slimming pill or weight loss pill, meaning that its primary purpose is to aid the weight loss efforts. As such, it is used in conjunction with other non-pharmacological weight loss methods, most importantly exercise and diet. Unlike other unregulated diet pills, aids and supplements, Xenical tablets are, at the moment, the only clinically proven and thoroughly tested weight loss tablets, designed to help people suffering from obesity lose weight reliably and safely, without having an adverse impact on health which is a common downside of many other alternatives.

The effectiveness and safety Xenical pills are known for stem from the unique mechanism of action of its active ingredient, Orlistat. Unlike weight loss drugs that work by reducing appetite or increasing body’s metabolism, it doesn’t affect hormonal balances, but works directly in the stomach by preventing the absorption of up to 30% of fat consumed per every meal, helping patients lose between 5 and 10% of their body weight during each cycle of use, making it the most effective weight loss medication currently available on the market.

However, it should be noted that despite its high efficiency, Xenical pills are not a substitute to a healthy, balanced diet and exercise, but is meant to be used in conjunction with these methods. Having a proper dietary regime during Xenical treatment is absolutely essential, as it will help minimize known side effects of the treatment. Therefore, even though this medicine is available over-the-counter and you can even buy Xenical weight loss pills online in the less concentrated form with 120mg of Orlistat, it is highly recommended that you consult with your doctor prior to the beginning of the treatment, so you can change your dietary habits in order to ensure optimal results and minimize possible side effects.

How Xenical tablets help me lose weight safely?

Xenical’s unique mechanism of action is based on chemical properties of its active ingredient, Orlistat. Scientifically classified as lipase inhibitor, Orlistat is a saturated derivative of lipstatin, a potent inhibitor of pancreatic lipases, naturally found in the bacterium Streptomyces Toxytricini. As a relatively simple and stable compound, compared to others from the same class, Orlistat is easily manufactured and can be safely stored for a relatively long period of time without changes in its structure.

Its mechanism of action includes inhibiting pancreatic and gastric lipases, enzymes that are tasked with breaking down triglycerides in the intestine. Triglycerides are an important source of fat for the human organism, but they cannot be absorbed in their raw form. Instead, specialized enzymes (lipases) transform them into absorbable free fatty acids through the chemical process of hydrolysing. Orlistat interferes with this process, preventing the transformation of triglycerides so they are not absorbed by the organism, but are instead excreted in feces unchanged.

It is worth mentioning that only trace amounts of active ingredient are absorbed in the system. Unlike other alternatives, Xenical pills act locally, within the gastrointestinal tract and are later eliminated from the organism via usual excretion route. With the standard prescription dose of 120mg three times daily before meals, Xenical tablets prevent the absorption of up to 30% of dietary fat and this percentage is somewhat smaller for the over-the-counter dose of 60mg at 25%.

Is it safe for me to use Xenical pills?

Safety is often highlighted as one of the most important pros of Xenical therapy which is why it’s even possible to buy Xenical online and over the counter in the less concentrated form with 60mg of Orlistat. Most of the other available alternatives come with a long list of unpleasant and potentially dangerous side effects. However, due to its unique and localized mechanism of action, Xenical is rather safe and has not been reliably linked with any severe side effects. There have been some indications that, in very rare cases, Xenical can be linked with kidney and liver injuries, although the sample data available so far is still too small for any reliable conclusions to be drawn.

But, as with most medicines, Xenical tablets do come with certain unpleasant gastrointestinal-related side effects. Most of them can be alleviated with proper diet (which is why consultations with a doctor before treatment are highly recommended), but not all of them can be completely avoided, so it is important to get familiar with them before the beginning of therapy. To learn more about side effects, please refer to the side effects page on our website.

It is also important to note that absorption of other fat-soluble nutrients is also inhibited by Xenical’s active ingredient Orlistat, so it is recommended that patients take a multivitamin tablet containing vitamins A, D, E, K and beta-carotene once a day, before bed, to make up for the deficit in these nutrients.

Is Xenical for me?

Whether you are planning to buy Xenical online or go via the traditional route, you will have to consult with a doctor who will give you an answer to this question, since Xenical is prescription-only medicine. Usually, Xenical treatment is approved only if patient’s body mass index exceeds 30 or if there’s a significant risk to the health and wellbeing of an individual posed by obesity. So, if your BMI isn’t in the obese range, Xenical weight loss pills might not be the best option. Instead, the combination of increased physical activity and doctor-approved diet could be just what you needed to cut those extra kilos. Or, if you feel you need some extra help, your doctor might recommend you the use of a less concentrated form of Xenical. In either case, due to the reliability of Orlistat, the results are guaranteed if you commit to your weight loss plan.

Is it safe for me to buy Xenical online?

With the increased digitalization of different markets and services, it comes as no surprise that today you can easily buy Xenical and other brands of Orlistat weight loss pills online. But is it safe to do so? Due to the fact that Xenical is a prescription drug, all websites offering its sale online need contacts with certified doctors and pharmacists to ensure access to this medicine, so it should be rather safe to purchase Xenical online. Most of the websites of this type also offer online consultations with the doctor, so the time from diagnosis to the moment the medicine arrives at your doorstep is significantly shortened.

Where to buy Orlistat in the UK?

If you’re not so keen on waiting for the delivery, you can easily find multiple UK based companies which offer you to buy Xenical online and ensure timely delivery, sometimes even within 24 hours! However, most pharmacies should also have this medicine available and you can even get it through the NHS.

The increasing popularity of Xenical in the UK is closely related to the numerous recent studies that confirmed its effectiveness in up to 60% of the patients, as well as positive reviews recommending Orlistat therapy. This trend is not limited to exclusively to the UK – Xenical is widely available all over Europe and recommended by numerous doctors and specialists.

Within the UK, you can buy Xenical for 40£ per pack on discounts, but the prices can reach as high as 70£ and more, depending on the supplier. However, it’s worth mentioning that prices for Alli are noticeably different and, what’s more, Xenical is also available in a generic form, sold simply as Orlistat which is usually significantly more affordable. In the UK, you can buy Xenical in its generic version for around 20£. However, some suppliers sell the generic version for up to 100£, but usually, the higher price indicates the double pack.