Detrusitol® Retard is a medicine that can effectively treat incontinence. It is especially intended for involuntary urination including urinary urgency, which can be an extremely annoying disorder that affects many, especially the elderly. The condition can be embarrassing and lead to isolation and depression if left untreated. The drug can, in many cases, cure the problem so that the symptoms lessen or disappear.1

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What is urge incontinence?

Urge incontinence occurs because the muscles around the bladder suddenly contract so that you feel the need to urinate. It often comes as a lightning from a clear sky, and can, therefore, be incredibly difficult to predict.

How does Detrusitol Retard work?

The active ingredient in the drug is Tolterodine, and it helps to inhibit the nervous system’s impulses, which causes the bladder muscles to relax and therefore do not force the bladder to drain.

How fast do I see results?

It is individual how fast Detrusitol Retard works. If you have used the product for 1-2 months without any beneficial effects, your doctor may advise you to try another medicine or other method.

Can I benefit from Detrusitol Retard?

If you suffer from urge incontinence, there is a good chance that you will benefit from the medicine. Like other medicines, you can not tell in advance who it will affect and who it will not work on. There are especially older people who experience problems with involuntary urination, but the product can be used by all age groups.

Is this treatment suitable for me?

There are different situations where it is not a good idea to use Detrusitol retard against incontinence. This includes:

  • Urinating and atopping
  • Bleeding colitis
  • Untreated green starch
  • Muscular disease myasthenia gravis
  • Pregnancy and breastfeeding since there is not enough information about this area

In addition, in some cases, a special assessment should be made. This applies to the following situations:

  • Enlarged prostate
  • Poor functioning kidneys
  • Gastrointestinal disease
  • Nerve Inflammation
  • Ingestion of certain types of medication

Always tell your doctor what type of medicine you take and what other conditions you may have. It may make a difference if you are fit for the product or your dosage.

Are there any side effects?

Most people have an uncomplicated treatment program with few side effects. However, it is important to be aware of the side effects that may occur.

The most common side effect is dry mouth. It can affect more than 10 out of 100.

Uncommon side effects may include:

  • Fatigue
  • Indigestion
  • Vomiting
  • Sinusitis
  • Headache
  • Painful urination
  • Dry eyes
  • Sleep disturbances
  • Dry skin

Some also experience more serious side effects such as heart problems, confusion, nervousness, dizziness, hypersensitivity, lack of urination. However, these side effects are not common.

If you experience any irritating or serious side effects, it is important that you contact your doctor immediately.

How should I use the medication?

The medicine is available as a depot capsule, which should be taken once a day. The tablet is swallowed with a glass of water. The normal dose is 4 mg daily, but in some diseases or conditions, the dose may be reduced. Therefore, it is important that you give your doctor full insight into your current condition in relation to illnesses or ingestion of other medicines.

How will Detrusitol Retard change my daily life?

If you suffer from urge incontinence, it can be incredibly devastating. The sudden urge to go to the toilet can cause many worries in everyday life. Many want to be near a toilet all the time, which can be difficult if you do not always sit at home. By using the drug, you can see improvements so you can relax a little more and thus, have more freedom. You can escape the annoying concerns of potential involuntary urination. That means, it’s easier to be out in the real world, since you do not have to be next to a restroom all the time. It is therefore easier to be social and return to a normal everyday life.

How should I start the treatment?

If you suffer from urinary incontinence, such as urge incontinence, go to your own doctor or contact a doctor online. Here you will be asked about your symptoms and how long the condition has persisted. After that, your doctor will ask you about your overall history of illnesses to assess if you are eligible for treatment with Detrusitol® Retard. If you are suitable for treatment, you may receive a prescription for the product, which you can collect from the pharmacy. If you have contacted an online clinic, you will receive the medicine by mail directly from a registered pharmacy.

Then follow the instructions to take the product. If you do not notice any positive results within 1-2 months, please contact your doctor for further guidance.


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