There are several reasons that can cause erectile problems. In some cases, the causes may be physical, but there are also some psychological reasons that can have an effect. Thus, erectile dysfunction may be caused by several factors. Physical erectile problems can be cured with various types of ED medication such as Viagra, Cialis, Spedra or Levitra. However, if the problems are mental, the treatment methods are completely different. Next we present the most common psychological causes of erectile dysfunction.

What’s on this page?

Where do mental ED problems stem from?

As we look at the actual meaning of impotence, we get a better idea of what mental erectile dysfunction is. Impotence is also referred to as erectile dysfunction, which means that a man cannot achieve or maintain an erection during sexual intercourse. If it is a physical problem, this is usually due to the fact that blood can not get into the penis or doesn’t stay there for long enough. Common reasons for this are:

  • atherosclerosis
  • high blood pressure
  • high cholesterol
  • diabetes

Neurological problems

In the case of mental ED problems, the man does not have physical problems that would prevent his ability to maintain an erection. Instead, it may be a lack of libido or sexual stimulation, which can not be remedied by medicines. Next, we list a list a few psychological factors that may be behind these problems.


Stress is usually the most common cause of erectile dysfunction, especially among middle-aged men. No wonder stress is emphasized because it affects largely on our health and well-being. When your body is under constant stress, it has effects on several factors you might not think of at first. Constant survival mode can have an effect on more than one thing, such as the ability to have children.

Stress may occur due to several reasons. It may be due to work, family relationships, death, relationship with the partner or some major change. Problems can, therefore, be dependent on reasons that are unrelated to sex.

It is important to identify the root cause of the problem. Therapy is an effective way of identifying possible stress factors and also it provides a variety of tools for treating and preventing stress.

Depression and antidepressants

In addition to stress, depression is one of the common causes of erectile dysfunction. During sexual stimulation, the brain sends signals to the body, whereby the blood begins to accumulate in the penis and erection occurs. Depression may cause disturbances in brain signals, and the process in the brain does not start in spite of the willingness for it. People on antidepressants can still have a normal life. Antidepressants regulate the brain’s neurotransmitters, which in turn helps to stabilize moods. However, this can still negatively affect sex life.

Performance anxiety

Among the youth, the underlying causes of erectile dysfunction are related to performance pressures. Performance anxiety usually occurs in conjunction with intercourse and may depend on several factors. For example, there may be pressure related to satisfying the partner, body confidence or pressures related to erection or ejaculation. When this situation stresses you out and you can not relax, your thoughts can lead to a stress reaction in the body, which can lead to erectile dysfunction.

This can lead to a vicious circle where anxiety leads to stress and thus further to erectile dysfunction. So it is very important that you look for help to these problems. Low self-esteem or anxiety can be a result of a high level of stress. The therapist can help you figure out what exactly may be behind your anxiety.


Impotence can lead to problems within the relationship, but it may also have an opposite effect. Problems with a partner may affect brain activity so that it ends up leading to erectile dysfunction. These issues can also lead to unresolved conflicts, distance, distrust and low self-esteem. If you have problems outside the bedroom, sexual behaviour can take its toll.

It is therefore very important to talk to your partner about your erectile problems and the current situation in your relationship. In many cases, problems can be resolved by talking, so it is likely that the erectile dysfunction will also disappear. It is also possible to seek help from a professional such as a relationship therapist.