Promise about the fact that hypnosis or hypnotherapy could offer an easy and quick way to stop smoking sounds promising. In a short period of time, it should ease the desire to smoke and get rid of the addiction to nicotine. The question is, can the road to recovery really be that easy? Unfortunately, the answer is no because shaking off any addiction is very hard. Hypnosis can prove beneficial to some despite the fact that at this point in time there is no proof that it would actually be helpful.

What’s on this page?

What is hypnosis?

Hypnosis is a form of a normal trans, similar to the state of consciousness just before falling asleep or before waking up. During this state, the unconscious mind is open to suggestions. Hypnosis is taking an advantage of this state and tries to remove the positive feelings the patient might have about smoking (stress reliever) and replaces them with new and healthier thoughts. Through the unconscious mind, hypnosis is making the patient to hate the smell of cigarettes and to resist the urge to smoke. The hypnotherapist is a support person who helps the patient to reach the right state of mind with the sound of their voice.1

How can hypnosis help me to quit smoking?

Some ex-smokers have said that hypnosis has been a very calming and relaxing experience that has helped them to tolerate the withdrawal symptoms. Some say that it has also helped them to deal with the fear that is associated with the notion that stopping smoking would seem unachievable. The experiences between individuals vary quite a lot in regards to hypnotherapy. The difference in the results between hypnosis and placebo effect is difficult to compare because of the problems in the control group. However, there exists slight evidence that in some cases hypnotherapy could help. The results of hypnosis are comparable to acupuncture in a sense that they both seem to be dependent on the individual who is receiving the treatment.

Critic against hypnotherapy

One of the aspects in hypnosis that has received a lot of criticism is the treatment’s passive nature. On the other hand, this has been the factor that has made hypnosis such a desirable option. Thus, the problem is that when the smoker doesn’t actively process his or hers addiction s/he is not able to create the strategies and behavioural changes needed in order to quit smoking.

What can I do before starting the treatment?

Before starting hypnotherapy it is important to remember that shaking off that nicotine addiction is not going to be easy and there are no quick fixes. Just like with any other treatment option, the willingness to stop smoking and the success to do so derives from yourself. Getting rid of the habit of smoking is not going to be easy but it takes willpower to resist the urge to smoke and to come up with the strategies that are helpful.

Does hypnotherapy really work?

Hypnotherapy can be helpful for some in the process of quitting smoking. It allows the body to relax and the ability to concentrate can evolve. In addition, the therapist can help you to talk about the topic before and after the treatment session. These are aspects that can have an effect on achieving a smoke-free life. In order to achieve it, hypnotherapy should be combined with other methods. Nicotine replacement therapy can help in handling the withdrawals and also medications, such as Champix can be considered as a part of the treatment. However, before using any medication you should discuss it together with your doctor.

Choose the right hypnotherapist

If you decide to go with hypnotherapy you should research the topic thoroughly and choose the right therapist for you. When choosing the therapist you should read their reviews and find out if s/he is suitable for you. Many reliable hypnotherapists offer a free consultation that includes a discussion about the treatment and if it could offer the help needed. In addition, you should pick one that you feel the most comfortable with. Lastly, keep in mind that not all people can be hypnotised.

How much does it cost?

The costs from hypnotherapy can be anywhere between 250-500 pounds per session. It is up to the patient and the hypnotherapist to decide on how many sessions are needed. It is good to remember that hypnosis in itself is not a cure from stop smoking but usually used as a last resort.


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