According to studies, an average erection lasts about 5,5 minutes before ejaculation. At the same time, the research of Journal of Sexual Medicine focused on sexually active women, according to whom the average length of intercourse is approximately 23 minutes. In reality, this leads to a situation where the difference between expectations and reality is 17,5 minutes.

Those who suffer from premature ejaculation ejaculate after a few seconds or minutes. Next, we will give you some tips that can extend the time of erection. However, if the problem persists for a longer time, you should contact your doctor.

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Improving stamina in bed

Some medications can help delay ejaculation, but there are some ways you can try before starting the medication. For example, masturbating 1-2 hours before intercourse can help. In addition, thicker condoms can reduce sensitivity and thus delay premature ejaculation. If you feel that ejaculation is near, you can try to breathe deeply out. Some postures may also slow down the onset of ejaculation. For example, a partner can be on top to reduce sexual stimulation or a man can concentrate on thinking some not-so-exciting things and progress when it’s time.

Different techniques

If you are in a relationship, a few ways can help. The issue should be tackled openly, both sides being aware of it. On the other hand, different techniques can also help prolong your erection. Various techniques include, for example, compression technique and start-stop technique.

The compression technique works so that when the ejaculation is close the couple stops having intercourse and presses the tip of the penis for about 10-20 seconds. After that, intercourse should be continued about 30 seconds later. This process can be repeated several times until the ejaculation takes longer.

The start-stop technique works the same way. As the ejaculation approaches, intercourse needs to be stopped and, after a while, it can be resumed. This should be repeated several times until ejaculation.

5 tips for preventing premature ejaculation

1. Forplay

Sex is not just about penetration. A long forplay is an important part of intercourse.

2. Techniques

These two aforementioned techniques, the compression technique and the start-stop technique, can help to delay premature ejaculation. If these techniques are used regularly, a man learns to control ejaculation and get a better connection.

3. Thinking unrelated topics

The classic solution to premature ejaculation is thinking of other things. It requires practice, and that you do not think about sexual thoughts. Amongst some men, thinking about photographs might help. However, this technique can make intercourse less fun for both yourself and your partner.

4. Slowing it down

Generally, speed is the decisive factor. Slower and softer technology will stimulate the penis less, resulting in improved durability. In this case, a man can also get better control.

5. Talk about it

In a relationship, it is important to take into account the sexual preferences of both, which should be communicated openly. Both should have an open attitude towards intercourse where neither are not feeling any pressure. All of these are important techniques that allow intercourse to be extended.

The tips above can help men develop their stamina and ejaculate later. If these tips do not work, you can turn to a doctor.

Medical treatment options

The only commercially available and clinically approved medicine is Priligy, which contains the active substance dapoxetine. This medicine works by delaying ejaculation, which helps to achieve longer erection and intercourse.

This treatment is available through a valid prescription either from a traditional pharmacy or through an online clinic. Consult your doctor for advice if the medicine is suitable for you.

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